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Cheap Bricks for Sale £400 per 1000!

CHEAP BRICKS FOR SALE £400 per 1000!

Less 2 Build It have an extensive brick library consisting of over 700 different types including engineering, facing and first quality bricks.

We have a wide range of colours from red bricks to brown bricks, including the popular London Imperial Yellow Stock bricks. Whether your looking for house bricks or garden bricks as the UK’s leading brick suppliers we are able to offer an express nationwide delivery service. We stock brick ranges from all the leading suppliers including Ibstock, Hanson and Wienerberger.

Low Cost Bricks to Buy

Just because we offer cheap bricks for sale does not mean that they are of an inferior quality. Apart from the fact that cheap bricks will save you many £££££’s, they may be ideal for certain projects around the house or garden.

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Cheap bricks doesn’t mean low quality bricks!

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How we sell so cheap

  • Special Offers

    The cheap bricks may be on a special Offer. This may be because we want to move some of our stock quickly.

  • Discontinued Bricks

    Some of our cheap bricks may have been discontinued because they have come to the end of line, the brick makers will not be manufacturing them again.

  • House Keeping

    We may have some old stock making the packaging and bottom rows of bricks rather dirty. It is better to sell them as cheap bricks than to waste them.

  • Trials

    We may have some cheap bricks on offer as they were left over from a trial where the manufacturers test new textures and colours.

  • Non Standard

    Some of the bricks we sell may be non standard in shape, size or texture.

  • Rejects / Imperfections

    We occasionally may sell cheap bricks because they are rejects with certain imperfections or inconsistant colours, textures or sizes.