Brick Cutting Service

Take the stress out of building

Use our brick cutting services!

Save time and money by using our brick cutting service. We offer a range of BS standard profiles as well as custom shapes.

Take the stress out of building

Take the stress out of building by using our brick cutting service. Using pre-cut bricks not only produces a better finish but can also considerably reduce waste and increase productivity. If you're looking for a bespoke brick design then contact us today!

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Common Brick Cutting Applications we Provide

  • Angled Bricks

    These are cut bricks that allow brickwork to turn through various angles. A variation in the dogleg dimension is used to achieve different bond patterns. We offer a range of standard profiles with external and internal angles.

  • Broken Bond Bricks

    Broken bond bricks are often required where short lengths of brickwork are not full or half brick dimensions.

  • Arch Bricks

    Used for over doorways and windows. We can offer various profiles and tapered bricks to facilitate the construction of a decorative arch.

  • Bullnose Bricks

    A style of brick that has at least one of it corners rounded off. These can be used to create soft curved edges ideal for sills or capping walls

  • Brick slips

    Thin cuts of real brick used to replicate the appearance of a conventional brick wall in both internal and external applications.

  • Plinth Bricks

    Add detail and depth to your brickwork. Plinth bricks are typically used for sills, corbelling detail, kerbs and capping.